Friday, December 28, 2007

Another "vingage" quilt

This is the seventh in what obviously has become a series of four patch "new vintage", in other words old fashioned and really simple, quick and easy quilts. It is for a swap-bot swap and was mailed today to a young woman in Milwaukee who is not a quilter herself but who says her favorite colors are hot pink and bright green. It's lap size and is calmed a bit by the bigger squares of a grayed-green print. It went together quickly and was quick to quilt and to bind. You can see from the turned over corner that it's bound with light pink and has a biggish label on the multi-color print backing. Quickly made and not taking up any of my precious shelf space. A pleasureable, quick project.

I have been reading one poety book after another -- the last thing I read at night. When I have to read a poem three times to follow the meaning, it means it's time to put the book aside, turn out the light and go to sleep. Last night I started a new [to me] book by Liz Waldner, "Saving the Appearance." Most of it is pretty dense and takes concentration -- and there are a lot of one-page prose poems which are much denser than just an obsevation. However the first poem is very short and easy enough to understand but gives us, especially those of us who are not as young and lovely as we once were, a "shock of recognition."


I do not notice much about myself for other reasons;
This I did not notice for its ubiquity:
I am not too willing to appear.

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