Sunday, December 09, 2007

Free Rice - Bryson on Australia

The Free Rice project, wherein an organization gives provides rice to the hungry and various parts or the world has been going on a while. I've herard of it from a couple places. But I came across the above button on a blog when I was surfing the ARTFUL QUILTERS WEBRING [which I can't make clickable because blogger and this new MAC program are not very cooperative]. Anyway, it's apparently on the up and up and it's fun. Go to the website, and find a word definition challenge that gone on and on and ou can play as long as you like, each correct answer is 10 grains of rice and they add up pretty fast. You might also be hedging a bit against Alzheimer's disease by using the associative parts of the brain that help in definitions. Certainly anything that can help alleviate world hunger is to be encouraged and participated in if possible. People who have seen grocery stores in third world countries like Nepal, as I have, can get grumpy at the obscenity of our supermarkets with whole aisles of cereal [even whole aisles of dog and cat food] not to mention the banks and banks of freezer units full of food, much of it already prepared.

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