Friday, December 07, 2007

Urban Expressions

"Urban Expressions" was the name of the Empire Quilters' show last March, It was photographed by Hamlin-Rose, the husband and wife team who are responsible for our wonderful website,, and a CD was produced shortly afterwards. Seeing the quilts in all their lovely color and complexity on the computer screen is very nice. But now they've produced a beautiful large format paper back book and it is a treasure. They can be reached at

I've complained widely that I am not a screen oriented person. I have difficulty reading anything longer than a not too long blog posting or email on screen. People sometimes send me essays and I find I really don't process the words on the screen like I do if they are in hard copy. The same is true of pictures of quilts. Yes, I look at the wonderful slide shows on the home page of the website, and love looking at them, but even when I used the pause feature I get a very different feeling then looking at photographs of quilts. It's a learned thing, of course. But I must say that holding a large book with over 200 pictures of quite wonderful quilts in my hands and looking at the enormous variety and creativity, being able to flip through pages, being able to pause and really look, is a wonderful experience The more so because most of these people are not professional quilters. But the range and the quality is very sophisticated compared to quilt shows I have seen in other parts of the country. Yes, I'm a bit of a chauvinist. I think New Yorkers are a really amazing lot. I'm very pleased and proud to have shown a couple of quilts and have them in this book. And as soon as Blogger will let me load a picture of a butterfly from my quilt, it will be at the top of this post, which apparently will not be this evening, maybe tomorrow.

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