Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Not perfect

Maybe it's true, or maybe it's a fable but I've heard that the fine Amish quilters always made a mistake in their quilts for fear that perfection would be a prideful challenge to God. Almost every time I make a quilt I think of that bit of hubis. Well, maybe not hubris because there have been many excellent Amish quilters. But that wrathful and jealous God will never have a reason to knock me down to size. I make many a mistake and often don't know it until the quilt is done, even a small one. The one in the picture, for instance.

This is the sixth of my lap quilts using up the 2x2 inch samples I had -- I showed others previously, they're the ones I call my new "vintage" quilts. I'm sure the mistake pops out glaringly at everyone who looks at this picture. Honestly, I didn't notice those two light white squares in the upper left until I'd sewn on the border and laid the quilt out to look at from across the room. The two offending pieces are in one four-patch block that is sewn in with the wrong edge up. Sometimes I think that if I had a studio with a design wall I'd see such mistakes before I sew them into place. But I wonder ... Actually sometimes, rather often, in fact, I do rip mistakes I know I've made and right them.

The psychological thing about this, if I must be contemplative and that IS my nature, is that my ego is not much involved with perfection of my quilts. Quilts are a passion, I love making them, love looking at them, etc. but they are a rapturous hobby, not a statement I am making about myself - yes I understand those who think everything we do is a statement ... well then, so be it. One thing I am not doing is challenging some perfect diety.

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