Thursday, November 15, 2007

"vintage" quilts

No photos yet -- but, hurray! I thought I had lost all my photos when my former computer crashed. But I remembered putting aside my first memory card from the digital camera -- as it turns out it contained nearly all my 2006 China trip, my Alaska and Indiana photos and some of my butterfly postcards and assorted other quilt pictures. I think I still have most of my Czech trip photos on another memory card, so they can be added too.

But I don't want to forsake the quilting subject matter. I wrote that you could go to and click the show and tell to see my jacket, you can also see the two "vintage grandmother" quilts I posted 3 or 4 posts ago. [in fact if you go down to March, '07 on that screen and click my name under quilter of the month all those are there along with quite a few other of my quilts -- this I just discovered a few minutes ago.

Today I quilted and bound a third of the vintage quilts and I have two more tops done that will have photos in a couple of days. The amazing thing was that when I sat down after doing my show and tell, someone leaned over my shoulder and thrust a plastic baggy in my hand, saying, "This is for you." I barely got to see her as the meeting was progressing. The baggy had several more 2x2" squares, most of them in solid colors. Well, of course I was delighted. And have already planned a sixth quilt although I think it will not be a double four-patch. I think I'll celebrate Thanksgiving day by making the little quilt that has popped into my mind using those squares and pieces from my scrap bag. Eventually all six of these will be donated for the guild's charity project.

I'm slowly getting comfortable with my new computer; I've become a bit like a cat. With some new "environment" I take my time getting acquainted. I'm not totally happy with the differences in the photo program and have to see if I truly understand it. I don't feel rushed, it's my "toy" and "tool" and I'll get friendly with it in my own sweet time.

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