Thursday, November 01, 2007

A third project

A couple days ago i said that one project wasn't enough. It seems two projects aren't enough -- partly because I haven't actually started on the second [the hand piecing]. Since a meeting isn't upcoming for a couple weeks, I've distracted myself with a small series of charity quilts. Last spring I purchased from the guild's share table a batch of 2x2 pieces -- such as I remember purchasing about 15 years ago. These, by their calico design, were at least that old. But I have a really deep love of scrappy and, yes, even calico "gramma" style quilts. What the heck. I am a gramma! Why not? So yesterday I put together the top for one child size quilt. Today I had less time but did sew a bunch of the 2x2s together. There will be a couple of photos tomorrow.

I feel especially inspired to get charity quilts made as soon as possible because a couple of years ago, at the January meeting the charity quilt chairman distributed Xeroxes of a letter from a woman who had distributed quilts at a family shelter at Christmas time. She said that for several of the children the quilt was their only Christmas present. It was a stab in the heart. In this obscenely wealthy city where most children have more junky toys than their parents can count, it is a tragedy for any child to have nothing on Christmas. So I want to make what I can and have them ready for distribution by Christmas.

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