Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Back in Business, sort of

So I'm entering this post from my new Mac ibook that I've just fired up. There's a lot I have to learn yet and more to install but I think maybe I've gone from a toddler to a walker ... or maybe not. I'm not ready to do photos today, but soon. I do want to direct my regular readers to the empirequitlers.net -- which at this point I can't make a click and go address -- that takes me some research and time. But go to show and tell on the menu and the open November and scroll down a bit and there's me in my jacket of which I'm very proud. It doesn't show the details of the embellishments but it shows three view -- the photographer was very kind.

The photographer, Cindy Russell and her husband, who do web work professionally -- and Cindy is the genius behind the fine website -- have just offered a book of the quilts from our guild show in March. It's expensive but I'll get it since it's the first time a couple of quilts of mine have been in print. It WAS a beautiful quilt show -- as befits a NYC guild of course -- and the book is a wonderful memory of it. If any reader is interested, leave a message and I'll tell you how to get it or a CD of the show which Cindy and her husband have also published.

I can't say how glad I am to be sitting at my own computer writing this.

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