Sunday, November 04, 2007

On a roll

Something about all the different ways one can arrange blocks... I don't remember having blocks as a kid but I suppose I might have. Arranging blocks in varioiuis orders must be a very basic pleasure, blocks or sticks or stones or whatever one has to play with. I've had these 2x2 inch squares. Once I began it's been impossible to stop until I've used up most of them -- three more quilt tops in the last two days. The one above with lots of red is the most dramatic and probably most successful as a design.

The other one is also relatively successful -- both in a traditional sense. it gives me a kind of convenetional warm fuzzy feeling. The fifth, when I had used up so many of the sets of blocks that I could not get a consistent design, is not very successful and I probably won't show it. [We can all hide our less than successful attempts if we want.] So now I must either quilt them or tie them -- in a way tieing, the old fashioned, simple method seems most appropriate. So that is the end of this momentary madness. I'll go back to more contemporary designs -- not "when" these are done, but immediately and finish these as I can. They are not really appropriate to give to babies [for the charity project] but might be quite appropriate to give to older people, they can cover knees and legs for the wheelchair bound very conveniently and may be more satisfying to older people who expect conventional quilts. I hope that doesn't sound arrogant. I read on someone's blog today that at a fair she found her art quilts earned a "clever" comment but that people at that particular fair were drawn to conventional quilts. The non-quilting world still needs educating and familiarizing with the contemporary quilt world.

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