Monday, November 05, 2007

Venting about technology

I'm having a hard time with my internect connection -- somehow Safari, the apple connection works, for this blog, but my AOL is very uncooperative. I spent most of Sunday morning on the phone with the DSL provider only to finally hang up after being terminally on hold. I think I'll have to take the poor little machine down to the Apple store and spend a lot of time there probably finding out something simple that will cost a fair amount of money. How one comes to depend on something like internet. I can use my computer at work of course, but I like the pleasure of doing it at home on my own time when I feel like it.... spoiled.
If I can [and the first attempt failed] I will show a picture of the ideal appliances ... one very low tech, the other only a little bit more complex. To me the ideal appliance is an iron. When I left home for college I was given a new iron. I used that iron for about 30 years. It was fine when i replaced it -- it didn't have a steam capability and I was ready to move up in the world. The one I hvae new was its replacement and is in fine fettle 25 or so years later. Dependable! And believe me, these were not lazy irons. I LIKE to iron, I iron things many people don't, like sheets and tee-shirts. But NO, I do not iron underwear, but I do iron some pajamas.
My second choice for great appliance is my sewing machine. It is now 45 years old, or so and it's tension isn't right any more and that's a major problem. But it's sewn literally, I think, millions of miles of seams. It has had two broke parts, minor ones, in all that time. It has had tune ups and needs one now but I have been able to depend on it.
In contrast this little comptuer is only 3 years old. I haven't -- by far -- mastered all it can do. But it, has not been totally kind to me ...certainly not the last few days. I have no warm fuzzies toward it. In fact, I'm downright frustrated. Yes, it's a great deal more complex than iron or sewing machine, but ... Well, it's a battle I might as well throw up my hands for bow in resignation about. I have found myself addicted to having easy internet access and I'm upset that it's no easy right now.

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