Friday, November 02, 2007

Gramma quilts - new vintage

I am making tops out of these 2x2 squares as I wrote yesreday. Actuallly if you look carefully you can see it's a double four patch, Thus I can add the larger squares of calicos I have -- and I'm discovering I have more than I thought. The red looks particularly haphazard and unplanned, but, in fact it was somewhat planned. Since I have no design wall, i just put them together by instinct. If I had them on a design wall they'd be more structured .. which might be good, or it might be too prissy.
This uses blue which is not as evident as I'd like plus dusty green calicos. It's essentially the same four patch design. I've been thinking of these as "gramma quilts" because they are so old fashioned. I notice these days in fashion any time an actress doesn't have on a brand new dress the old one is called "vintage." That seems a good name too. Maybe I should call them "vintage gramma quilts"

I'm going to do at least one more. But with my penchant for doiing series, I feel myself on the edge of doing maybe four more which would leave very little of the 2x2 squares. So far it's just tops, of course, qulting them will be done in the simplest way. Some very simple minded part of me gets great pleasure out of these simple old fashioned designs and fabrics. They'll all be given away.

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