Wednesday, November 28, 2007

new quilt on the brain

Much greater minds than mine are trying to understand the human mind -- well, I suppose they would say the human brain for there's not much agreement about what "mind" really is. My present conundrum is about visual imagination. I don't quite know how I am going to handle the stripping in the quilt I'm making with little squares [within larger squares] I could get a paper and colored pens and make a sketch but I haven't done that. So I awoke this morning, to find myself trying to picture not only how a couple of different treatments would look, but how they would change the size of the quilt. All this is knowable to the type A person who figures out everything in advance. But I don't want to work that way -- positively resist.

So come the weekend, I will cut strips and begin sewing and see what happens. I don't pretend this is going to be an art quilt. It's going to be very utilitarian and I think I'm going to like it very much and want to use it on the bed as soon as I can get it finished. That much my mind's eye can see. But, as I write as a kind of leit motif, I enjoy surprises in this kind of work. So I guess my waking up mind was trying to guess at the surprise in store.

I'm always interested in how the mind/brain works and, naturally, tend to watch how mine works -- not assuming it is the way all others work, but also not assuming I'm in any way remarkably different. I read a lot of artist's statements, be they writers or visual artists or sometimes musicians [whose talent is the greatest of mystery to me] I find it odd that I remember places very vividly, yet I wake in the morning unable to visualize something that is simply plane geometry o the simplest sort. Well, no pictures today. Still befuddled by blogger and probably still too impatient.

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