Monday, November 19, 2007

The Saga Continues

I have been reading Helen Conway's blog, and she has written, in the last two or three months some wonderful consumer frustration blogs -- Ikea, buying a new car, getting more of a Jenny Beyers fabric, etc. I wish I could be as funny as she is but she's British and they have a head start on the dry humor side!

Well, here's some of mine. As readers know, my previous laptop died the first week of November, when the warrantee had expired on September 26th! I went to the lovely Apple Soho store where one of the geniuses told me it was dead and so dead they didn't think they could recover data and suggested I go to TekServ which is an Apple commecial store a couple of blocks from where I work because maybe they could save the data. Well, they weren't keen on that since I had by then rationalized to myself that I supposed I could live without an expensive recovery. But they did lay out the possibilities to me and it finally became economically most sensible to purchase a new computer. [This one called a Leopard, as opposed to the old one called a Panther - no names of apples like Cortland and Rome and Delicious and Gala].

So I bit the bullet and purchased a new MacBook. I am a cautious and chary user and was befuddle by various things and went down to the Apple store Sunday [yestereday] morning to ask questions. There I spoke with Diane, a nice young woman who did not have to many customers at an early Sunday morning. She loaded the Word program for me and was helping with other minor problems when the screen froze. She could not unfreeze it. She took it to the geniuses who did their backroom diagnosis and pronounced the hard drive and CD drive both very faulty. They said to take it back to TekServ and get a new computer! I had had it 9 days and did nothing on it!

Well, that was yesterday and I had none of the ephemera with me so decided to come home and gather it all together and go to TekServ today after work -- which, indeed I did. I knew it would be a long haul so I took reading matter with me. After an hour when the technician did their diagnostic stuff, yes, they agreed I should have a new computer Which is what I am typing on. Indeed, I have none of the other stuff loaded, and Diane promised if I came back Saturday she would help me -- so I will. But at least for now I have internet access. And maybe this one will work ... the odds of two lemons in a row are pretty distant -- right/ So, one of these days I'll be able to upload pictures. And maybe I'll be back in business -- for real -- soon.

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