Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Surely Spring Is Coming

Hello, Robin Redbreast! As I sat sewing this morning I became aware of a couple of birds hopping about on the brown grass and lo! First one robin and then another, and they seemed to be finding some tiny morsel beneath the matted old brown grass and the few springs of new green grass pushing up. The sun was bright and beautiful but the temperatures are in the mid-30s. The tree tops across the street are dancing in the blustery wind that keeps me indoors and not out having a walk which I very much want to take.

Besides the robins there were some glossy black birds -- no, not the crows that appear early in the morning, maybe these were grackles although I thought they were a little small for grackles. Does insect life begin to stir with the warm sun on the old grass? Oh, my, there is so much I don't know about the natural world.

I have a bunch of quilt projects in process but nothing worthy of a photo yet. But soon I think.


Anonymous said...

it's been a while.
how did your dog poem go?

June Calender said...

Yes, Superhero -- it's been a bit. I've been working on other stuff. The dog is sleeping by the fire for the moment.