Thursday, March 03, 2011

Another poet, on the margin

Here is another of what will be nine or twelve squares of selvages with quotes from and pictures of women poets -- the poets who, whatever prestigious prizes they have garnered, seem to remain on the margins of academic recognition as poets. This is Mary Oliver, who has won a Pulitzer Prize. She writes nature poetry, mostly about Cape Cod. I was dismayed to hear an academic dismiss her recently as of less interest than certain male poets he preferred.

This piece like the one I showed a few weeks ago of Kay Ryan, is unfinished. The photographs are paper, I will copy them onto fabric and sew them on all in good time. I suspect I could eventually made 50 blocks because I suspect I can find fifty women poets who are not rated as highly as I think they deserve to be. But I will probably only do a dozen, and perhaps try to find a venue in which to display them.



June -- what a great project. Mary Oliver is terrific. It is Women's History month so your quilt ties in nicely with that. Enjoyed -- barbara

June Calender said...

Oh, is March women's history month? Thanks for telling me. That's something I celebrate.

Anonymous said...

how much do you want your MTV?