Saturday, March 19, 2011

Yum! Unbelievable!

I should have taken a picture, but it looked very much like this stock picture -- the flan, called something like "puden" in Portuguese -- meaning pudding. But not just any pudding and not just any flan either. I can go rapturous about certain chocolate desserts and sometimes even a hot butterscotch sundae, but yesterday's FLAN was so good I couldn't believe it. I was beyond word and resisted the urge to confine give in to childish gurlges of pleasure.

A few women from my writing class were here including Patty who shops at the Brazilian specialty store which I generally don't go into when I shop at the fresh produce store on the other side of the parking lot. Words fail me when I wonder how to describe the flavorfulness of the flan -- yes, the huge puddle of carmelized sugar sauce was wonderful but it was the flavor of the super eggy, super sweet flan itself that was better than any other I've ever had. I have a not very big piece left -- happily each person took some home -- and I will share it with my daughter so she can taste this amazing flan also.

Before and after the flan we had a wonderful female gabfest -- and some talk about writing [alas, they helped me convince myself that I must do some major rewriting of the opening of the novel I've written about an elderly quilter] but a lot of talk about concerns of seniors. Two of the women are in ministry/care giving professions and deal mostly with needy older people. I'm happy people of their sensibility and character are working with others who are ailing and needy.


Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

To know that there are people out there that really care about the concerns of getting old is fantastic. I for one have felt as I age that we become invisible and some of the elders backoff in life because everything seems to be geared to young people. Nice to see it is not always that way and some are concerned.

June Calender said...

Yes, people are concerned -- those who back off are hurting themselves; there are senior centers in my towns where they could get in touch with others including people who know about helping organizations.

Yes, a lot is geared from the young, but the baby boomers officially become 65 this year -- that's a lot of older people!