Monday, March 28, 2011


I went down to New York largely to see the Empire Quilters' biannual show which is always a very good one -- and it was once again. There were many wonderful quilts but I took photos largely of ones that were not in every case my favorites but ones that inspire me to try some aspect of what the quilter did. The above is "Eucalyptus" by Babara Hull. I love her colors and fabric choices but what I want to try is the reverse applique that she did. She did very fine embroidery around some of the leaves.
"Starry Batik Path" by Sylvia Hughes seems a very traditional quilt with the alternating plain squares and the star squares but I really love that kind of quilt and I've loved that star pattern for years. The quilt offers an opportunity to use a variety of batiks from my stash and would give me a much delight to make. I probably will do so ... but I can't even imagine at this point how I'd fit it into the many things I want to do.
"Solar Burst" by Laurenda Liang is especially interesting because the light colored points are three dimensional -- she made all of them separately. They are sewn down by the central circle which I believe was appliqued after the background stars were sewn, and then the very tips of the light stars' points was just tacked so the points seem to float atop the rest. I love that look. Something that would be time consuming but fun to do.
Not really last, because I have some other inspirations I may show in a few days, "Bamboo" by Susan Kraster was a queen size quilt. In just a minute one can see how simple the block is, but how very effective it is. This can be a scrap quilt with even more fabrics than the palette Susan used. I think the red stripping is very effective. I am fairly certainly I will try this block ... when I get a chance.

The frustration is that there are so many good ideas, especially for someone who already has a large stash and loves make stash/scrap quilts. I'll write a bit more about the show in a few days. I'm very, very happy I was able to see it.


Anonymous said...

You are right, the stars are very cool.
And i love the leaves!
Hope you had more fun in new york than i did!


June -- thanks for taking us along to
the Empire quilter's show. Nice photos and good explanations as to why you liked those particular quilts in your pics. You are going to be one busy person. -- barbara

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

Lucky, lucky to be so near and easy to get to N.Y. ANYTIME1