Thursday, March 31, 2011

More from Empire Quilters' Show

Here are four more photos from the Empire Quilters Guild show last weekend. As before these are not always my favorites but ones that I liked for a specific reason. All four here will be seen to better advantage if you click to enlarge them and then click again to see details. The above is In the Spotlight by Renee Fleuranges-Valdes. Its dramatic impact speaks for itself. She had a second quilt with other African figures that was equally impactful.
This is Forms by Judith Plows. It is an interpretation of a photograph of her house. I love the clean planes and I especially love the square leaves that cover the tree [a "trick" I might use some day] These leaves echo the modern angularity of the house.

I took quite a few other photos but some caught the back of a viewer's head or were shot at a bad angle or had a shadow on them -- that is the hazard of a very successful show when many people crowd around the exhibits and also try to photograph them. Happily at this show the lighting was mostly few satisfactory. Bad lighting at quilt shows makes me very crotchetty.

A leaf again--only a partial view of a 4-part quilt called Vivaldi, the Four Seasons. In this case all were these large leaves but appropriate colors for the seasons. I loved especially the very close quilting and, in this which is summer [I think] the fabrics were very beautiful colors.

Finally below is a favorite, partial view of Jane Broadus's Rats Recycle for New York. [you must double enlarge this] For readers who are not New Yorkers, I will assure you this is an exaggeration although I was rarely walking the streets in the wee hours so might have missed a sight like this. I saw Jane and she told me there are 108 rats on the quilt and she "loved sewing on every one." Nobody is crazy about rats but as she shows, they have their niche in the ecology.

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