Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hand Knit Mittens

These mittens are the result of a private swap. A talented young woman in Canada made them for me in exchange for some selvage/pictures for her children's rooms. They are made of wonderful thick wool and the red has a nice bit of blue tone in it. They fit perfectly and feel wonderful! When I thought of it, I've reached my ripe old age and have never before had hand knit mittens. Better late than never in this case.

I'm hoping the weather will remain warm enough not to need mittens but there's no guarantee of that. If I can get in another nice walk by the ocean this weekend I'm sure the mittens will go with me. And I'm sure I will wear them a great deal next winter. I'm as delighted as if Santa himself had popped into my mail box and delivered them. No one in my whole family was a knitter; it's a rare treat.

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