Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Art Quilt Collection

Amazon's superior marketing intelligence [such as it is] told me I might also like this book since I was purchasing the Twelve by Twelve which I wrote about a couple posts ago. So I purchased it too and put it aside until I finished enjoying the Twelve By Twelve [enjoyed very much!]

This is a different breed of cat as they say. The full title is The Art Quilt Collection, Designs and Inspiration from Around the World. It contains very nice photos of nearly 150 art quilts which gives a good idea of the enormous variety of approaches to art quilting. The quilters are from around the world, with a really nice selection from Europe and far more than you might expect from Israel [since it's a very small country], I didn't see any from New Zealand and only a couple from Australia [I know there are thriving art quilt groups in both places]. There are a few from Japan. The American ones leave out a lot of extremely well known at quilters, perhaps on purpose. It's a lovely book to look at -- what I call eye candy. There are short artists' statements, there are no bios of the artists. There are 4 to 6 little sections on techniques which are clear and interesting. I am not sorry I have this book as I love looking at the great variety and getting acquainted with art quilters' work I did not previously know. It is in an entirely different category than the fascination and information in the Twelve by Twelve book. The forward by Linda Seward [a name unknown to me and there is no information on who she is in the quilt world] gives me no idea how this collection was pulled together. I really want to know a lot more. Meanwhile, as I say, it's lovely to look at.

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