Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sunday poem

Beth of the One-Minute Writer choose weekly winners -- she gives a different prompt each day. I usually write something although sometimes I can't think of anything so skip it. A recent prompt was to write a poem about Sunday [or sundae] which proved to be quite easy because the day before [Saturday, obviously] had had a Sunday feel and I had gone walking on the beach -- a did many dog owners who, this time of year can let their dogs off leash. I love watching dogs who are cooped up indoors most of the time enjoy the freedom of a Saturday -- or Sunday afternoon. So I wrote the following poem which Beth chose as writing of the week:

On Sunday

The dogs take their people for long walks,
showing them how to use the freedom of being out, off-leash.
Dogs always rejoice at freedom;
their people more often will not cavort and dance and skip.
People have taught dog "sit, stay."
People refuse to learn from dog
"Leap. Laugh. Wag your tail."

I may spend some time making it a better poem. It's something I feel like saying well.


Anonymous said...

i really like how you humanize the dog.
i think you should take that a step or two
further while you are rewriting.
i think that's really cool!

June Calender said...

Thanks, Marc. I agree with your suggetion.

Nellie's Needles said...

Being a dog lover, I can relate. Thank you for revealing this four-footed perspective so charmingly.