Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another inchie quiltie

I protested but I did it again. This is a second quiltie made with twenty inchies. This time no buttons -- I literally used all my really tiny buttons on the first one. These squares mostly have flowers so that will serve as the "extra added attraction." This time I brought the backing around to the front to make a border a little over an inch wide which is meant to give a bit of substance to the quilt -- oops, quiltie. This is for a second swap and, I think, will not be repeated.

I admit I'm beginning to see some attraction of the little squares but I prefer something a bit bigger and have, as I wrote before, something in mind that I will work on in the near future. Right now I have a couple other projects in process and those brightly colored paper-pieced stars are still on my design wall waiting to be quilted and put together and I'm working up the ambition to do that.

I look out at nice blue sky and think I should be getting some exercise walking. Then I look at the tree tops which seem to be suffering the arboreal version of shaken baby syndrome. The wind comes in mean tempered gusts and slaps around whatever it can find -- I actually watched as the decently weighted metal lids of two garbage containers flipped up and over -- these are not little garbage cans the likes of which are in danger of rolling down the road. These are containers about 5x5 square and 5 feet tall in front, 6 foot in back and the lids covering that expanse are sturdy. In short, it's not a day to try walking in that wind. We're promised it will die down by Sunday and also be warm -- sounds wonderful. I hope it comes true.


Anonymous said...

get a big skateboard and put a sail on it!

Anonymous said...

your quilt postcard came today! my wife
says she'll allow me to save damsels in
distress, but just if it's you (or her).