Tuesday, February 08, 2011

A little more organized

Last week I found a couple of closet organizers at half their original price. Both are for jewelry but one has zippers on each pocket. That one I will use to organize some costume jewelry. Because I forget about this or that bracelet or necklace I don't wear it even though it might have sentimental value and go well with what I have on. Now, I'll be able to see it when I am making choices.

The second organizer is also for jewelry but doesn't have zippers on the pockets and I decided it would do well to keep my thread in view since I have a nice size closet with shelving, boxes, etc. where my stash and oddments are happily usually hidden behind the folding doors. This organizer has an equal set of pockets on its other side and so holds about 2/3s of my thread collection which had previously been kept in a couple of jumbled boxes. I've envied people with those neat thread organizers with pegs for each spool but I've never found one [nor, I admit, gone shopping for one]. This will do very well. The 1/3 left is whites and odds that are arranged now in a single layer in a box and the odd-ball threads are in a plastic bag. Not much to brag about but an improvement.



June -- although I don't have lots of spools of thread -- I do have a jumble of jewelry that could use one of those organizers. What a clever idea! Thanks -- barbara

Nellie's Needles said...

Great minds think alike! I, too, have discovered that organizer and have 3 of them ... two of them stuffed full of threads in my Tennessee studio. The other one will be going to Michigan to store/organize them up there.

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

Very cool idea. Thriftstore Finds?