Thursday, January 07, 2010

Winter Trees

Trees, and birds, are going to be the theme of a dozen journal quilts I make this year, one per month. Mostly, I think it will be the trees, but of course birds are wonderful too and they live in trees [mostly]. I made a small trees-in-a-blizzard quilt -- what the cutesy artsy people call a "quiltie" -- which was an interesting trial run but not what I had in mind, quite. I may try the same idea only differently. Then I'll post both at the same time. Since trees change with the seasons, as do the birds that are around to inhabit their branches, the journal quilts will go through the changes of the year. It's a snowy winter so far so trees and snow are calling. Actually part of the reason I'm posting this rather prematurely is I really wanted a change of photograph -- not that there's anything wrong with the chicken below, only that it's not mine. And as a record of how the creative mind works, it's naked trees and snow my semi-subconscious is playing around visualizing.

Short addenda while it's on my mind: what is this I find among people on some web sites who write about "addie" for "envies" [addresses for envelopes] and other baby talk? Is the computer infantilizing us?

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