Saturday, January 23, 2010

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?

Maybe it's cabin fever -- or it's just winter and I felt like playing indoors a little. I decided to sort my buttons yesterday, partly because I'm putting buttons on a quilt I'm making and wanted to have them divided by colors and sizes. For two hours I sorted and divided into zip-close bags. Two hours! and I'm not done yet! But I found some treasures -- don't know what to do with some of them -- how about four acorns that have been turned into buttons? I have three glass buttons from the Schindler factory [as in Schindler's List] which have stars of David incised in them -- these I'm simply keeping. Just two examples, actually most are utilitarian, which, of course most buttons should be. I do have a friend who makes broaches from interesting buttons, so maybe I'll put ones she might be able to use in their own baggie and give them to her ... Of course some will go on the quilt that brought on this little fit of making order out of chaos. Did anyone else play a game called "Button, button, who's got the botton?" when you were small?


Nellie's Needles said...

Button, Button, I've got buttons, too.

I look forward to seeing how you're using yours. I've always loved buttons and should really be making "stuff" with them on it.

Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVE sorting buttons. Schindler buttons... WOW!!! I would display those somehow... maybe some kind of small quilt that represents something about that situation to you?? Framed, and on the wall??

(Holly from Wishlist)

June Calender said...

Good suggestion, Holly, you've put my brain in motion.

shelley said...

isn't it like Christmas to sort through a bunch of buttons! and yes, my granny had me play button, button, when i was small. i loved looking at her beautiful buttons. and when something was worn out, we would cut off the buttons and then turn the tattered cloth into something else. she was good at that. i miss her so. i sat the other day looking through my 86 year old mother in law's button jar and it was like christmas come early all over again. i found some very interesting buttons. some even like i had just bought from an antiques dealer at a lovely little antique and button shop! thanks for posting such lovelies!