Thursday, January 28, 2010

Here are four little -- 4x6" -- journal quilts. One year I made a journal quilt for almost every day -- I never did an exact count but it's about 350. Each celebrates something that particularly impressed me that day. The frog above on a background of other frogs, celebrates a day in early summer when I fell asleep listening to the tree frogs chorusing outside an open window.

This black and white with a bit of red captures for me a concert given by the LeBeque sisters, duo-pianists -- on separate, nested grand pianos. They are not twins but they look very much alike except one wore a white pantsuit and the other black. They played several jazzy Polenc pieces, so this little quilt is both about them and about the music.

This swirly patterned fabric with gold glitters and many, many beads added represents another piece of music, Schubert's Great C major Symphony, his #9. It is not as supremely majestic as Beethoven's #9, but I probably love it almost as much.

And this last little piece is far, far more prosaic. It's title is "I can't believe I'm sunburnt at my age. I should have known better."

Doing a piece for every day was quite consuming, but it was also a great exercise in awareness. When you live each day knowing something about it is going to be immortalized [at least in your memory] you shift into a kind of awareness that is unusual and often wonderful.


Dave King said...

Something tells me this post is quite a find. Lovely post. I am full of admiration for your work.

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

I just love your journal pages. This is something I might enjoy but one a day, my goodness. I love your work girlfriend.

Kass said...

This is a book. Get it published.