Monday, January 11, 2010


In a moment of having having fun, I made this little piece, known in some circles as a "quiltie" for a swap. I mailed it today to a young woman who likes skulls and pirate flags and Day of the Dead symbolism. This is not that. I hope she also has a sense of humor because I think the Laurel Burch cat is very funny. [The fabric is on the back as well].

Then I used by selvage technique to add borders. That's it, quick and dirty. It makes me smile. And I miss the talented Ms. Burch who died last year, much too young. She designed very special cats as well as other things.


Marie aka Grams said...

Well, if that doesn't make her smile, there's not much hope. That's a charmer.

Selvage Quilter said...

Hi June,
That cat quilt made me chuckle. And I love the diamond quilt in the previous post.
You'll soon know your way around all those windy roads. I can see the wisdom of grids, though.
Best wishes to you!
(in CT with winding roads)

Jenny said...

Hi there

Greetings from New Zealand. I found your blog through the Selvage Blog so just had to come and visit. What a lovely little quilt with the cat in the middle, and your larger selvage one is great too. Great work!!

Jenny from NZ