Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Four More Stars

I've done four more stars. It's clear that I will do only four more of these because I won't have enough of the background fabric for four after that. So the quilt will be 3x4 blocks, probably with stripping and of course a border and will be something around 42x54 which is a very reasonable size for a throw.

As I work with Carol Doak's Fifty Fabulous Stars book, I admire her more and more. I had previously made 21 of her designs. Most of these are ones I had not made before. I supposed she planned these variations with a computer program but that doesn't detract from the constant interest. Plus she then sewed examples of every one of the fifty always making interesting color choices -- always different than I'm using.

If you look at the complexity or simplicity of the different stars, you'll also appreciate her design ability. The most complex of these four has 120 pieces in the block, the least complex has 40 pieces in the block -- and each block is 12x12. When the paper piecing methods have been mastered the sewing is not hard, although there are some places where you can see less than perfect sewing. But I do have to protest just a little that these blocks still have the paper on the back and have not been ironed so they were not lying totally flat when I photographed them.There is distortion. I'm sorry I cut off some of the tops.

I've discovered a way in which a digital camera is harder to use than the old fashioned film camera -- I was usually conscious of pressing my arms against my sides and pressing the film camera firmly against my nose when I pushed the shutter. With the digital camera, in order to line up the photo it must be held away from the face and I often move a bit. I'm going to purchase one of the digital cameras that has an old fashioned view finder, then I can hold it still. Also I won't have the sunny day problem of finding it hard to see the screen clearly. Meanwhile I've got four more blocks to sew together. I'm enjoying making this quilt a great deal.


Jackie said...

Your versions of Carol Doak's designs are just beautiful. I love the color choices. I have taken several classes from Carol and she offers up such a wealth of knowledge. Her tips and techniques are just wonderful to learn.

Evelyn said...

I love the 3rd one! That's going to be a really lovely quilt when it's all put together!

Cindy Russell said...

June, these are FABULOUS!! -Cindy

Diana said...

I love the way the colors sparkle against that black background. Your quilt is going to be spectacular.

shelley said...

those stars are just lovely. oh, i wish i had the talent to put ones like that together. i suppose i could but it would be very hard...i have something to aspire to now! beautiful.