Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Neat Things People Have Given Me

Tis the season when new treasures arrive and I am lucky to have talented, artistic friends who send me their handiwork. I'm very fond of this chicken with her sparkling crown of jewels, very much under-pricing the worth of her personal handicraft. It was quilted and embellished by Felicity.

Jenn sent this heart which she quilted. It is the ideal decoration for Valentine's as people where in the apartment comlex I live like to do special things on their doors for the various holidays.

This stained glass candle holder was made specifically to match my red coffee table and looks wonderful when the room is darker and the flame makes the ruby bright and beautiful. It was made by my professional glass making son-in-law who may have had a bit of assistance by daugther Rachel.

Not a handmade item but that rarity in my life, the gift of a book that is just right. I tell people not to give me books because my taste is both eclectic and persnickety. But this book about leaves is beautiful, full of fascinating information. And timely as I have just decided to make a set of monthly journal quilts this year. The theme will be birds and trees. How many ways can I find to depict trees? A single leaf is one possibility. Whatever I chose it can be biologically accurate!
What a wonderful holiday season, even including a truly white Christmas.

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Kass said...

What wonderful gifts! I'm envious.