Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Unappreciated American Ritual

The photo was taken about 100 yards from my apartment. It is the hearse carrying Teddy Kennedy's boty from the Kennedy compound, less than a mile away, to Boston for funeral ceremonies. This is appropriate today because the people of Massachusetts have been voting all day for a successor in the Senate. I have heard no reports -- I have not been able to listen to the radio [I have no TV] for days because of this election. The warring advertisements for Brown and Coaky have been unbearable.

I didn't remember that one must register to vote so didn't register and so didn't vote today. I would have liked to, it was my own absentminded fault. But peace will return to the airways. A little later this evening we'll have only the warring ads between Honda and Toyota dealers, a matter of no consequence to me. They don't make me cringe like the empty promises and nasty innuendos of political ads. I'm not writing a political piece. I know who I hope wins and would have voted for but since I didn't what I really vote for is no more politicians and their minions, including family members, talking at me between the Mozart and the Vivaldi. From now on, back to Bach. Perhaps the Senate will now pass the health care bill ... or perhaps it won't.

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