Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wish I'd Done That

I was sent this neat quilted version of Modigliani's "Woman in a Black Tie" -- so neat. It has netting over the raw edged applique and the netting give the whole a wonderful sheen. It was made by Elizabeth Mitchell, a swapper from Alaska who clearly put a lot of thought and time and artistic talent into it -- but she didn't put any sort of label on it. I've put a sticky note on the back so I won't forget and have asked her to make a label which I'll sew on the back. She hasn't responded so I don't know if she'll do that or not. I think we should be proud enough of our work to sign it. Others now and in years to come, will want to know at least the bare facts.

Stephanie responded to my previous post about the sensuality of fabric by saying she loves to wash and iron new fabrics for the same reason I love folding them -- I'm a bit lazy about washing until I've decided to use a fabric -- I like the crispness -- but I totally understand what she's saying. Thanks, Stephanie.

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