Thursday, August 14, 2008

Adding stuff

The above quilt is an old one. It's just that I prefer posts that have something to look at. As can be seen I'm playing with the side bars and adding stuff. I don't enjoy doing this; to me it's kind of like doing dishes - one of my least favorite chores. I know people who really like computers enjoy such things. Yeah? Well, I've heard of one or two odd human beings who enjoy doing dishes too. Somehow I got to another list of quilters' blogs and added my name and have added their logo which is clickable. It's fun to explore what others are doing although I limit the time spent. I have just a few blogs I read regularly and they are listed in the side bar now, too. It's an eclectic list and only Karen and Helen are quilters. Helen writes a great blog. Some others do too but at the moment I don't have the links.

The Wish logo is from a group on Swap-bot -- they are blowing my mind. I've lately beceome a little familiar with the concept of social networking -- oh, I know about Facebook and You Tube but to a "third ager" like me, they're about as appealing as teen movies. No thanks. But Swap-bot is a different kind of social network which is largely based on the premise that people love to get things by snail mail and enjoy sharing small things with others, say postcards, and small crafts like artitst's trading cards and letters on specific topics. It's a worldwide, rather larger site and all swaps [be they postcards or items of some worth] are honor system. Within that group is a subgroup of wish-listers who simply post a wish list each month and others choose to fulfill some of those wishes, usually for strangers, not expecting repayment but assuming that perhaps one of more of their wishes will be fulfilled, probably by a stranger. I find this mind blowing. The sender most go to some effort and usually some expense [certainly postage] simply for the sake of giving someone else a gift. Anyone can join swapbot, within the group there are some rules, nothing onerous. In this new world of social networking this seems a positive note about the basic kindness and generousity of at least one group [self-selected]

Some three or four years ago before I even got an email address or a computer capable of making an internet connection, I would never have foreseen I'd find myself checking my email a couple or three times a day, let alone have two blogs and find myself very interested in what people in England, Mongolia and Japan as well as the US say on their blogs. Hello - it's the 21st century and I've joined.

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