Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer is on the wane

A time comes in August when you say, ah, and oh dear, summer is about to end. Ah because it's heaven to sleep under a quilt again instead of just a sheet or not even a sheet -- waking under a quilt is SO delicious. Maybe the only thing better is to wake under one of those real, down filled, old fashioned duvets I've found on beds from Germany eastward in Europe. But then I say oh dear to summer's hinted end -- it will be warm at least through September -- because as one gets older the end of every season is poignant and a little bit painful. This summer began in a blaze the first week of June and since then has been a fit of good days mixed with stormy days. It's had a personality all its own.

The warm sun, the nice breeze keeps me on my feet after work, walking some portion of my journey home. Then I get into things that need doing and the quilting waits. The reversible quilt, slightly more than half the central part, is across the room on my "design sofa" where I can admire the progress so far -- I get up and turn it over now and then since it's reversible. I'm thinking that maybe another selvage quilt will be done in such a way that I can use plain strips and write a poem on them which will be semi-hidden within the other markings on the selvages. I need to write an appropriate poem ... the idea is percolating. There's plenty of time since I certainly won't get to a second selvage quilt for more than two months.

I've joined another quilters' blog list and I'm adding logos in the sidebar, of it and of swap-bot that I will write about shortly. The new quilt listing site is in blue,click it or click the logo, assuming my computer savvy extends to actually adding it.

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Stephanie D. said...

Wandered over here from Just Us Quilters--nice place you've got here!

I read your post on "studio envy" and I had to chuckle. Here I have a small bedroom used entirely for quilting and other crafts and I fret because it's starting to spill over into other rooms.

Much always wants more, doesn't it?