Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Anticipation is like the scent of coffee and bacon pulling you out of bed in the morning. I'm thinking of anticipation of a trip -- any trip, really. I love the time when I know I'm going to be going away and my mind drifts over to what shoes I want to take, what book I'll read on the way, and so on and on, all kinds of details which, of course vary with what kind of trip.

The trip I'm anticipating at the moment is small and not exotic but I'm thoroughly happy it's happening -- just a few days on Cape Cod at my daughter's house. The family will be gone, but Molly my doggy friend for many years will be there and so will Dust the cat who is mellowing as she gets older and comes to my lap as she never used to do. There'll be a car to take me to the beach for early morning walks with Molly and to Joanne's to get a few quilting odds and end, and maybe a sale fabric or two or so... and there will be fried clams and there's a great patio where I'll eat meals unless the weather doesn't cooperate. Oh! How lovely to anticipate!!! I'd love it if Rachel and the family were there too but three days alone has it's own pleasures.

Picture above was last summer on the beach there, pebbles and seaweed.


magikquilter said...

Sounds like heaven June.

Sara said...

Sounds like a great getaway! I would love to be near a beach for a few days! And I absolutely love the selvages quilt in the previous post!