Saturday, August 23, 2008

Not done but making progress

Yes, I've been working on this reversible quilt with selvages used to make one side. As can be seen, once put together it's already quilted. This is a light/dark quilt. I am just today working out the border design and will start sewing later on and more tomorrow but, like all else, it's labor intensive...but such fun labor!

I like the dark side because it has surprising flashes of color -- and a bunch of designs that would clash horribly anywhere but in a quilt context. The background fabric with batik-y diamonds is a Hoffman fabric that blends very nicely and the batik-bordering fabric is Hoffman also. Hoffman fabrics often seem to me busy and confusing on the bolt but then I find them very useful.

The writing on the selvages always has fascinated me so I'll enjoy looking at that side too. In the past week two wonderful swapping friends have sent me selvages and a third says she's going to do so too. Bonanza! Couldn't be happier.

I'm very fond of these surprising fabrics, with veggies printed on them. A European woman sent me a color-ways set. I did not imagine when I first saw them that they would go into the same quilt but I'm happy with them here. It's not a fabric I would have bought if I found it in a store but I think it's sretching my sense of what works.

As always I have my work cut out for me [in this case literally for I've just cut the pieces of the border] and it will be at least two weeks before I finish this. Final picture in the fullness of time.

I want to thank the two readers who gave me some input about the electronic book I mentioned in the previous post. I am never an early adopter of technology and I DO have a bookcase -- four shelves -- of to-read books but I'm fascinated and just may do further research.


Stephanie D. said...

I'm fascinated by the selvedge quilt, and wanted to ask: when you cut the selvedges for sewing together, do you leave a tag of the fabric for your 1/4 inch seam? If not, how do you do it?

Dorothy said...

Hi June,
Thankyou for visiting my blog and suggesting where I might find the thimble I am looking for. I checked City Quilts web site to see but unfortunately it wasn't listed. I'll just have to keep looking.
I like your reversible quilt, the colors are great.