Friday, August 22, 2008

Times They Are A-Changng

Two examples of our changing world: a few days ago when in the ATM vestibule of the bank I found there were no deposit envelopes. The guard said, "No more, you just put the check in the ATM." After a moment of incredulity -- I'm going to put my check in there naked!? You gotta be kidding. I saw the screen messages were new, clearly there was a new program. Okay, I'll try. It showed me the check and asked me to okay that that was the amount to be deposited and it worked. We are moving a little more toward a paperless world. I know I could have direct deposit, except that's not a choice right now. One I did have it until the frequently changing powers-that-be where I work found it unweildy. So much for the world of high finance. [Don't I wish?]

For the first time in quite a while I had time to stop at my fav Chinese restaurant for lunch. Another eating-alone-woman at the table next to mine was reading a book -- but not the usual book. No holding the page open so it won't close when you pick up a fork of chopstick. Her "book" was about 5x8, which is trade paper back size. Not more than an inch thick, with a small keyboard at the bottom and a button she touched to "turn" the page. I stared shamelessly but she was absorbed. Had she not been I would have talked to her about it. It looked like the print was a comfortably readable size, in fact on the large size. I wanted to ask if she could adjust the print size -- I suspect the answer is yes. I wondered where she got the "books" and how she downloaded them. I wondered if it has rechargable batteries, if the screen lights at night. I realized I could find out all those answers either online or by going to an electronics store.

When she was finished with her lunch, she turned off the picture, I assume saving her place, and closed a thin lid and slipped it into her fairly large purse. It looked very lightweight. I've thought UGH! I want a REAL book to hold in my hand. But after watching even those five or ten minutes I thought the time may come when I'll want one of those "books". And what about paying attention to the food you eat and savoring that experience? I like the theory, but I don't do it very often -- how but at meal times can I get through the papers and magazines since evening reading is for real books?

No, I am neither reading nor eating in the above photo, but actually pausing to enjoy a view of the Great Salt Lake from a small promentory on Antelope Island which is a park in the lake. It was a lovely, lovely day, the start of the vacation I am still savoring in moments of clear and treasured memory.


Anita said...

On there are electronic books maybe that is what she had. Haven't looked into them because I still think I'd rather have the book, but maybe one of these days.

Stephanie D. said...

There are several of those out there. Amazon's Kindle is one I'm checking out to buy my daughter for Christmas. She has to do a lot of reading, plus she travels sometimes, and it would be very handy. You can buy hundreds of books as well as newspapers and magazines online and download them from your computer.

And yes, you can adjust the print size and read it at night. I'm thinking I'm going to want one for me once I buy hers.

Anita said...

The quilt pattern is called House of Cards and it is my sister's pattern. She published the pattern and had a ruler made to use with it. You can visit her site at LadyCatQuilts which is at the bottom of my blog. The electron book at Amazon is called a Kindle (had to check it out after I mentioned it) and it is pricey. The music on my site is from Thank you for visiting and come back again to say hi.

KateKwiltz said...

My 80-year old mother called me recently to tell me she wanted a Kindle for Christmas so she didn't have to worry about accumulating any more books. My mother, who won't go near a computer, wants an e-book! Looks very cool, and easy to use. But if a no-tech lady like Mom finds it appealing...