Saturday, August 30, 2008

There's Always Books, and Books are Always Great

So the weather was crummy. Molly K9 and I had a nice walk on the beach very early; the sky low, no dawn to speak of, and humidity high. I was in a serious sweat after our mile or because I hadn't reckoned on how hard it is to walk in sand wearing sneakers. So I had a getter work out than Molly. I hoped it would clear, and it looked like it might, but it didn't.

I had finished a shortish book by Ian McEwen, Oh Chilsel Beach, yesterday and got well started on the next. I saw, too that the back issues of The New Yorkers weren't going to be enough reading matter. No prob. On Hyannis' main street is Tim's a big, used book store. I had picked out three and was about to pay when I noticed the Pico Iyar book about the Dalai Lama at half price right by the cash register. More about it including title when I read it which will be soon --after the one started last night. Serendipity! Love it!!

So no warm sun and wonderful shade, but the soothing sense of plenty to read. And then I made the de rigeur trip to Joanne's and bought fusing so I can plung into the no sew project I brought along, fancy cutting roosters from a fabric I love to go on a background I put together many months ago. The cutting will be tedious but fine whatever the skies hold tomorrow, at the kitchen table or out on the patio. A UFO on the way to completion, or at least the next step along the way. So, no complaints. The break is going nicely and I am, indeed, not alone. Grandson, Noah is home -- in and out in the way of teens. We're ships that pass in the night. But I'm glad he's here.

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