Sunday, August 03, 2008

Stash and UFOs and LOQ #1 and 2

I've been pulling out portions of my stash to cut of selvages -- go back two posts, you'll see why. Every quilt project is bigger than you think it's going to be -- LOQ #1 and LOQ #2, every project will be more labor intensive than you expected. Obviously that stands for Law of Quilting. Others may be added in due time.

I saw that I have a lot of smallish pieces in some favorite colors which are kind of cluttering up the collection. This suggests loud and clear I need to make a scrap quilt, or two ... or three. In fact, I have in my To-do pile a neat scrap quilt design that can be paper pieced with ease and I just found a variation of the beloved Log Cabin that would also be a great way to attack those scraps. So I dreamed of plunging into one or both projects as I'm snipped away.

Whoa! Wait one doggone minute there! What about the three active projects in hand? Well, the selvage one is holding so much of my attention I expect to finish it definitely within the mont. The complex diamond/star? I'm chugging away. And then there's the drunkard's path I don't write about because I'm not enjoying sewing the pieces but I DO spend an hour on it now and then. That's three pots, one boiling rapidly, one simmering, and the other more like a crockpot with an hour long stew in it. Then there's a couple of UFOs. So I promise myself I'll do the one that's a child size I Spy quilt. It only needs to be quilted and bound, not a big job. The other -- well, it's over a year old and the less said the better but it nags like a too tight shoe that will be fine if I just manager to wear it a few times.

Let's add LOQ #3: Handling one's stash produces profoundly conflicted feelings. Love it, feel guilty about it, get a kick out of it's possibilities and the fun that's promised. Isn't creating things fun?

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