Thursday, January 17, 2008

Winter, but is spring so far away?

It was a nasty winter day; chilly, gray, wind that made you pull scarf and collar up around your ears and curse yourself for not wearing a hat or at least eat muffs. But we have reached that point in January when it's obvious the days ARE getting a bit longer...and that means spring is on its way. Rejoice! It happens every year!
This is a picture of "the last rose of summer" taken on Thanksgiving Day in Riverside Park. As beautiful as any of it's summer/fall time predecessors.

Brief follow up: Carol and I have had email conversations and a virtual handshake [I wouldn't say a virtual hug] but an agreement to disagree on some things. That feels better. Go see Helen Conway's incredibly well put together desk and read some past blog entries -- she's a super blogger. Click on her name in my preceeding blog.

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