Wednesday, January 16, 2008

tagged - my desk

I was tagged by Hannah, aka God's Rock Angel who is a "stellar swapper" on The tag is to show a picture of my desk. s So here are some shots of my desk. These are out of order because I wasn't thinking clearly when I uploaded them. The first photo is a long view of the working end of my living room. I consider it all "My desk" including the sewing machine on the left and the comfy big chair on the far right which is where I'm sitting at this minute with my laptop literally on my lap top. If it all looks messy, yeah, I'm afraid so. And sometimes it's worse. However, sometimes it's better. If I weren't in a two room Manhattan apartment, this would be a separate room in a home, but alas, such is city life.

6Td7z7DhI/AAAAAAAAAqs/lvT-X4EFgQk/s1600-h/PICT0086.JPG"> Then comes my desk at my job. And yes, friends, the computer screen seems to have a case of the "red eye." This apparently is beyond the abilities of the several really computer savvy people in the organization. I manage to ignore it most of the time and have decided it's a really girly flat screen monitor .. so what more can one want? The screen, you might see, has a video picture in the upper right -- that's because I was transcribing a focus group that had been videoed and was watching the people around a table in order to tell who was voicing an opinion ... that's the kind of work I do. Sometimes it's only audio, sometimes it's film shoots which is another level of complication. What you don't see is the foot pedal mechanism by which I control sound. There is an American Quilters Society calendar and a photo of Mt. Everest from Namche Bazaar, my first ground-level view of that great mountain and I get a thrill every time I look at it.
The final picture is a closer view of my desk. The only remarkable thing here is a small art quilt commemorating my angioplastic stent placement - this recently returned to me after wandering to various quilt shows in a SAQA group show of small quilts.

I am going to tag Helen Conway a wonderful blogger, quilter, British barrister.

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