Friday, January 04, 2008

Done at last, small quilt

I have been sewing stars and crysals on this quilt for a week ... do I remember saying quilting is always more labor intensive than one expects? [click photo to see awesome number of stars, including the background quilting.] This is "Spot and the Star Field" which I began early in the summer. In fact, before that because I had my eyes open for a fabric with an appropriate dog all of last winter and finally found it in March at a quilt show in New Jersey. This illustrates and excerpt from a poem by Mark Strand that I think I've quoted in a couple of blogs in the last two years. But I love it and am going to hang this quilt in the bathroom where I have decent light and will see it every day. The piece of the poem which is on the light blue rectangle at the bottom of the quilt is this:

And I stood in the moonlight valley
watching the great star fields
flash and flower in the wished for
reaches of heaven.
That's when I, the dog they call Spot,
began to sing.

This is a simple little quilt, and a straightforward bit of verse. I cannot explain why those little lines appeal to me so much. Perhaps because it assumes all creatures are inspired by beauty to produce beauty. The quilt is simply something I wanted to make for myself.

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