Sunday, January 06, 2008

swapping is neat

I don't know how much I wrote weeks -- maybe months -- ago but here's the story. Way back early in 2007 I noticed on the Swap-bot forum page that someone really wanted a quilt. I e-mailed her that I have quilts cluttering up my closet shelves and was open to a swap. We settled on a specific quilt to be swapped for various cosmetics to which she had access as a salesperson for a couple of companies. Great. We were both happy. Several weeks ago she wrote me that she'd really like to have another quilt; was there anything else we could swap for. I wrote that I am frustrated in NYC with no Wal-Mart of Joanne's Fabrics and always need batting which is quite expensive. We made a deal and I mailed off this quilt a couple of weeks before Christmas -- it's a stack and whack. I have marvelous fun making it but green just doesn't go in my apartment. I love looking at the great variety of squares I made but was not unhappy to part with it.

Kye, the recipient, e-mailed that she was spending Christmas with family in Connecticutt and would pass through NYC. I said it would be an easy detour to come by and deliver the batting if that fit in with her plans. It did and we met yesterday afternoon, briefly -- she was double parked with relatives in the car. A beautiful young woman who brought me enough batting to keep going for the next few months -- I had just used up the last roll in my closet [bought at Joanne's when last visiting Rachel on Cape Cod]. Kye is from South Dakota we would never have connected without the internet. I'm delghted to have batting [and some grid marked interfacing also] and she is happy to have bright cheery quilts. This is called in today's jargon, a win-win situation. I have so much fun making stack and whack quilts I just may having to find some suitable print and make another one in the near future.

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