Monday, January 14, 2008

No offense intended

I seem to have greatly offended a large lady named Carol. If she is not so offended that she has stopped reading my blog, I will explain a couple of things to her -- I cannot answer her directly as I would wish, because my current iteration of an Apple laptop will not let me email her and it seems to delete things that I have no intention of deleting. If I were more computer savvy maybe this wouldn't happen but I do not claim perfection, although she seems to think I do.

Offending large people was not my intent and I was probably thoughtless in ranting but I do have eyes in my head to see things around me. The "some of my best friends..." excuse has never been a good one no matter how true or how fond I am of those friends and relatives who are large ladies and genlemen. In fact, nothing is likely to salve the sensibilities of the easily offended like Carol about whom I know as little as she knows about me -- less in fact since I've not been reading things she writes except her tirade against me and my observations.

While i may leave a bad play at intermission, I do not walk out on people's presentations no matter how bored I am and usually there are events after the presentations that I wish to stay for at my guild meetings. While it is always unpleasant to be personally attacked, the purpose of this blog is simply to say: no, I did not delete anything on purpose and I find it impossible to respond personally. I have my opinions, others have theirs -- we all have many things we dislike and an occasional rant may be in bad taste or injudicious but my impression is this blog is largely inoffensive and rather well mannered. Many more public blogs [as quoted in newspapers] seem far more opinionated and likely to offend.


Anonymous said...


I tagged you on my latest post. Take a look.


Carol said...
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Carol said...

Gee, what gives you the impression that I am a large lady? This just drives home the fact that you have absolutely no clue when it comes to people.
You are correct that we don't know each other, however I do know Mark and I do know large people, people who have lots of pillows on their couches, and people who fit into your pet peeves.
I however, do not attack them. I cannot imagine doing so!
Sorry, but I am NOT easily offended, however I do take issue with the senseless attacks on innocent people. You tend to speak in blanket statements, with the exception of Mark. In the Psyche world this is called bigotry and prejudice.
As far as you being perfect, I never made made that claim. No one is perfect, as we all have our issues.
I apologize if my observations and defense of my friends come across as a tirade. It was not intended that way.
My objective was to out that you attacked an innocent person and laid claim that you were qualified to diagnose his personality.
I asked that before you make such judgments, you obtain a degree in human psychology.
I'm unclear as to your statement concerning "some of my best friends....."
I hold my friends very dear and would never attack them, period. The manner in which you attack large people and those who don't fit into your mold, shows insensitivity and insecurity on your part. Diversity is reality, yet deep down we are all the same and deserve the greatest of respect and courtesy.
It's evident in your recent posts, that you have a real issues with larger people. Why? Does the size of a person really matter? Can you not see past the outer cover and into their soul, for that's the person they are?
The inability or refusal to do that is prejudice, pure and simple.
I have no interest in remaining on a blog where the moderator has the need to belittle people because of their different. It's a total waste of my time and energy. If you wish to contact me directly, then please feel free. I am not anonymous & my email is listed for all to see. I wish I could say the same for you. Also, the moderator of an Internet Blog is supposed to be computer savvy in order to solve any problems that may arise. There are many on line classes that can help you learn. I am telling you this with respect and not sarcasm. Since you say you are not computer literate and didn’t delete my post, although it does say it’s been removed by the moderator, I give you the benefit of the doubt.
I participate on many blogs and this one by far, has the most ill mannered and offensive moderator. I have never run across anyone such as yourself. Being the moderator of a blog, does not give the the right to attack others. It is actually your job to see that people are treated fairly and equally.
My intensions were not to attack you, but simply defend the people I hold dear and to possibly help you open your eyes to become more tolerant and patient.
You may need a new prescription in order to have this happen, but there's always a hope.
As I said in my previous posts, I feel sorry for you. You seem to carry around a great deal of resentment and prejudices.

All I can do, is wish you inner peace and hope that you open your mind.

With warm regards,

This will be my last post here, as I chose not to expend my energies on something so negative.

Carol said...

Yes, I have digressed and I'm posting a review of the same Presentation given by Mark Lipinski.
I post this fully aware that people have their own opinions and are welcome to them but
reviews can be written without lashing out personally at the presenter.

Ms. Calender Pages,
I have taken time to read some of your other blog entries.
I was shocked and impressed at your positive reviews and the good things you had to say.
It baffles me as to why you would attack Mark and others who don't fit into your mold.
Is it because Mark is gay? I just don't get it.

You are a talented lady and have a great deal to offer, but when you write personal attacks on people who have done nothing but share their talents with you, the good things you have said and take a back seat.
It's human nature to remember the bad things before the good.
It's a shame that that's the way things are.
A couple of quotes come to mind.

"I believe that sometimes when I'm angry, I have the right to be angry, but I don't have the right to be cruel."

Along the same lines,

"I believe that our backgrounds and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become."

Here's the other review......

On Saturday the Empire Quilters in Manhattan had a real treat! Mark Lipinski of Quilter’s Home magazine showed us a huge collection of his quilts, many of which have appeared in his and other magazines. He had the audience spellbound and laughing out loud again and again with his great stories and incredible energy. And yes, it’s the only quilt event I know of that is R rated, but every time he said something like, “Wow, look at the time! I’d better finish up,” the crowd would say “No, keep going!” He connected with the crowd because he was so transparent, not full of himself at all, as some “famous” guys might be in front of 200+ enthusiastic women.

His message to quilters: Don’t strive to make perfect quilts but have fun making quilts you like, and then use them, don’t keep them archived in a closet. He says, “Most quilts are just blankets, people!”

When you have the opportunity to hear Mark Lipinski speak, I urge you not to miss it. Also, pick up a copy of Quilter’s Home magazine. It is very “readable,” and you will chuckle when he calls the readers names like “Little Sunflowers!”

Thank you for letting me post.

Helen Conway said...

Hmmm, A blogger who rants on a persons blog about them ranting. Indeed one who says they will not post again then does so. A commenter who insults a person becuase she percives it is wrong to insult people. Oh you gotta love free speech! (But please please do not use it to call me Little Sunflower - it will not amuse litle old British me. Or large British me - depends how we are measuring I guess.