Saturday, January 19, 2008

The desk tag thing

Because I am a member of the pre-computer generation, I have been thinking with amazement about that tag game -- amazement about people communicating who don't really know each other, from different continents ... and the willingness of each to go along with a slightly silly game. I was tagged by a young woman from England with whom I've corresponded a bit. Of course I'm in the US, then I tagged Helen in England -- a quilter and barrister; she tagged Diane in the US, also a quilter and lawyer; and Diane tagged Gail in Australia, a quilter and retired lawyer and I haven't followed any further at this point. The three lawyers had amazingly neat and beautiful desks. Thinking about that, I attacked my desk today It is now much neater and shines wonderfully after a good spraying with Pledge .. but it doesn't approach the neatness of the lawyer-quilters' desks. Perhaps why I never even considered being a lawyer is embedded in this difference.

Perhaps the bigger question is why do people play these games? I think we're just sociable creatures ... and all are women who have been socialized to be accommodating. If I'd heard I'd be doing this even as little as 15 years ago, I'd have said, "not likely." No picture of the shining desk - it's just not very interesting. New quilt project afoot, pictures soon.


Karoda said...

I'm a tag-resister but when some of my best friends that I've never met tag me, I do accomodate. Could this be due to some unifying, female gene? :)

Helen Conway said...

I play because I like to be picked! I was always the kid at school who was picked last for the sports team (Fair enough, I was rubbish!). But seriously, I just like that people are interested in me and my writing. Plus I have always been fascinated with travel and far off places so I love the way the Internet gives me connection points with people internationally.