Sunday, January 13, 2008

When enough is enough - a rant

All day I've been thinking about the mountain of quilts Lipinski [CORRECT SPELLING, it was wrong in yesterday's blog] brought for his talk at our meeting. He is a large mN with a loud voice, this type of large person often has a distorted sense of proportion about many things in life. I have stood in airport check-in lines and noted that the largest individuals usually have the humongous suitcases [their clothes are not THAT much bigger than others and I keep wondering what DO they pack?] But it's not just Lipinski, nearly all the speakers at our meetings bring too many quilts and talk too long.

Long ago I took a college class in public speaking and I know the principles I learned then are still preached by those who train public speakers: stop before your audience is bored. Leave the audience mildly wishing you had said more, shown more quilts or slides, be concise [humorous if possible] and know when to stop. A sense of moderation is a sign of wisdom -- even Confucian wisdom. It applies to most things one does, whether it's how much you eat or drink, how many pillows you put on your sofa, how much salt in the soup, how fast you drive or -- a pet peeve of mine -- how moderately you use the paper towels in the bathroom (toilet paper too), how much jewelry you wear, how loudly you play our music or talk or laugh. No, I don't want the world to be bland and neutral and without drama or excitement. I just don't need a ton of everybody's ego -- which includes most of Wagner's music and most stand up comics, especially the ones who think humor is a matter of insulting every ethnic group in the audience. So much for today's rant.


Carol said...
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Carol said...

Dear Ms. Calendar Pages.....

Sorry, but I do not know your name as you have been posting rather anonymously.
I am unclear as to why you must rant at other people's expense, while criticizing stand up comics who create laughter at the expense of others. Aren't you doing the same thing? I am in no way saying that either is ethical or correct. They're not. You seem to have the need to put others down in order to feel superior. That's sad.

If you don't like the fact that speakers at your guild bring huge suitcases of quilts to share, then why do you keep attending the meetings?
If you're bored, just simply get up and leave. It not that difficult.

I also wish to point out that you say you "don't need a ton of everybody's ego." Then WHY do you continue to blast yours on this blog?
I'm trying to be as polite here as possible, but it is clear that you have some real issues of insecurity to deal with. We all have our own issues, but we do not need to insult others on a public forum.

Why do you care how other people live their lives? Is it really something that effects you? Is it really that important?
Why must you chose to single out larger people? Aren't you in fact insulting a group of people for the benefit of "your audience?"
It's my opinion that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. By posting such insults, you are standing in a glass house. It's easy to see right through.

Please take a step back and look and your contradictions. You may be surprised at how you sound.
You are coming across on this blog as a small woman, who feels that she is superior to younger, larger, people who eat & drink more or less than you, have a different number of pillows on their sofas, like salt in their soup, drive faster and use more paper towels and toilet paper than you do! The fact that you are older and have "seen the world" does not entitle you to belittle people with YOUR very loud voice.

Life is so short and so fragile, why go on these daily rants? If you need to vent to make yourself feel better, then do it in private and not publicly. Everyone needs to vent now and then. It’s healthy to keep a journal, a private journal as to not expose others to any venom.
I'm sure Wagner is rolling over in his grave because YOU think his music is egotistical. You made me laugh with that one.

I am only expending my energy on this because you have attacked my friend, but with this new post, you have attacked many more of my friends.

You, dear calendar page lady, need to find a way to let go of these public tantrums. Try to turn your energy into positive things and not attacks.
It must really be tragic to carry around as much distain as you do. It's not healthy & I feel sorry for you.
I hope that you can wake up one day soon and announce that you are not going to say one negative word about anything for the entire day.
It may be a difficult thing to do at first, but the more you do it, the easier it will become.

I truly wish you peace.


Carol said...

Well, I see you have deleted my earlier post. I'm certain that my second post, as well as this one will be deleted also.
It's such a shame when a moderator cannot take comments, but will issue criticism about others so readily.
Good luck with your bitterness. It's such a shame.

(who posts my real name!)

Tama said...

Just so you know, I have spent over a week in Hawaii with nothing but a carry-on and I weigh well over 200 lbs. That was a very strange and rather bigoted blanket statement to make.

If you don't like your guild speakers and don't understand why everyone around you is howling with laughter, or expressing interest, go home. Obviously some lectures are not going to be to your taste. I've gone home early more than once for just that reason, but I don't make a point of slamming the guest on a public venue.

Carol said...

Good for you Tama!

Thanks for backing up my statement.

Hope you had a blast in Hawaii!

Have a good evening!

Warm regards,

**BTW.......she deleted my first post and I'm sure she will delete my others and probably yours as well. She can dish it out, but cannot take it! I think this moderator is very narrow minded and cruel. Wish we could report her to somone!
Good luck!

Carol said...

Hello again Ms. Calendar pages!
(BTW... this is the correct spelling of Calendar, unless yours is an acronym for something)

Please take your own advice ....."When enough is enough..."
I think you should quit while the bigot in you is rearing it's ugly head. Do you really want to alienate so many people?
I doubt you're the type of moderator that Google wants on their blogs!

You may be able to delete our posts, but we do have them recorded for future reference, should we need them.

Hello Google, we wish to report.....

Please reconsider your views and stop attacking innocent and talented people.

Thank you,