Friday, April 02, 2010

Patchwork Jacket

This patchwork jacket is the first garment I've made in about three years -- since I made a somewhat more complex patchwork jacket in purple-pink-blue palette. The style is somewhat different and this one has no batting layer so is not as warm -- made for to a coolish day -- especially as it only ties closed and the other buttons snugly. The previous one was more embellished with quilting and with more simple buttons. I'm very fond of it.

This one is not quilted but merely patchworked on a middle layer. The embellishment began with some felted wool buttons that were given to me. I liked them so much I purchased another package of them plus some novelty buttons which can be seen on the detail in the third picture. But several novelty buttons aren't pictured. I think April should bring some sunny, warm days when I can wear this jacket with a turtle neck and pants and be comfortable. I hope so. By the way, the top picture is the back the second is the front. Long before I began quilting I made garments .... lots and lots and lots of garments. Probably more garments than I have made quilts and I've made a heck of a lot of quilts. Making this technically very simply jacket was a kind of nostalgia trip. It made me think of making more jackets although I definitely do not need others, still I have several ideas. I have not needed to make garments for years. During the years I lived in NYC I discovered the joy of watching sales in department stores and off price stores and in certain excellent thrift stores and found I could purchase higher quality garments than I could possibly make for a fraction of the cost of material, let alone my time -- because I love to shop and can spend hours carefully looking through rack after rack of garments until I find the one that I love at a low price. So, I turned exclusively to quilting, which I love also.
In my current lifestyle I do not need a complicated wardrobe so I do not need to make garments. However I've had fun with this jacket and the second one that keeps coming into my thoughts may HAVE to be made in the not too distant future.


Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

I love those jackets you. Should fit in quite well in Cape Cod area.

Evelyn said...

Hi June! Love the jacket, and I bet those colors look so nice on you! Now, if only spring would get here. :-)

Julie said...

Lovely jacket! The colors are gorgeous and will be so nice to coordinate with a lot of different things. And I love the little dragonflies!