Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vintage Stuff

Although I am not a vintage fan, I appreciate the vintage stuff that came my way in the mail recently, especially these jet buttons. Three are bouquets of roses and would look wonderful on a short jacket, they arrived with several faceted jet buttons, most square, some round. There were also some big red ones and smaller orange-red ones. I never know when I'm going to think of some quilt that needs embellishment -- or perhaps buy a very plain jacket at a thrift store that cries out for some oomph in the form of new buttons. They become promising additions to my button box.
And then there was the surprise of truly vintage stainless steel straight pins [not shown] and a whole assortment of needles, mostly long, some made in England, heaven knows how long ago. These I will share with others to whom I send sewing related packages for Swap=bot swaps. I do not sew much by hand but it is comforting to any sewer to have a variety of needles so that when a job needs doing the right one is there in the notions box.

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