Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bits of spring

I love looking at Baby TCW and his lovely mommie but it's time for a new post. I've recently received these delightful buttons in as a swap extra. They make me want to make some springy little quilt -- in fact I also received some great springy fabric that I didn't photograph that inspires the same impulse. Unfortunately I'm up to my armpits in quilt projects. One I hope to have done, maybe not tomorrow as originally hoped, but in the VERY near future. Then I have two sets of four each blocks to make for a virtual quilting bee -- neat ideas and I'm eager to get cracking on them. Then I have that Carol Doak star quilt [showed individual blocks as they were made] which needs to be put together and quilted or more likely in reverse order as I think I'll do a quilt-as-you-go sort of method. It's not a big quilt but not small either and will probably take quite a chunk of the month of May. So ... I really don't have time to start something else much as I'd like to. I can't even count the number of wanna-do projects.

My beloved shell tree has literally been decimated [and I use the word precisely, some 10% of the whole is entirely gone] but the local Druidical walkers are festooning a set of bushes not far away. I'm doing my small bit too.

With real, totally wonderful spring weather here I have been enjoying walks on the beach -- don't enjoy the poor dead seal which is being slowly eaten by gulls and whatever [saw a gull make off with a putrid mouthful today -- I hope it gets a tummy ache]. Have stood and gaped at one big and one little dead jelly fish on the shore as well ... so aptly named! And the larger one had beautiful red stingers or whatever they're called. Of course I did not have my camera. It was really lovely! Unfortunately for it, quite high and dry and dead.

On a happier note I just heard that upwards of 90 whales have been sited [some mothers with calves] nearby in the area of Nantucket. So nice to think of those giants out there caring for their young and enjoying spring in these climes.

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