Friday, April 09, 2010

Poem on Quilt

April is National Poetry Month, which I have been celebrating on my Big 7-0 Blog by posting poems every day. On a blog I read regularly was a mention and photo of poet Mark Strand and, of course, I recalled making this wall quilt, sewing on a few hundred star shaped sequins, and sending it to daughter, Leslie, who has hung it in the facility for handicapped adults at which she works. I have recently learned that one can purchase LED lights that can be used on quilts [they come with a little battery pack, as I understand]. I think that a few little lights would have been an interesting addition to this quilt. Maybe I should make another ... but I think I had enough sewing on of sequins to discourage me from trying it again.

Here is the poem [or I think the end of a longer poem]

And I stood in the moonlight valley
watching the great starfields
flash and flower in the wished for
reaches of heaven.
That's when I, the dog they call Spot,
began to sing.

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Julie said...

June, this is stunning! I am completely in awe of it!