Monday, April 19, 2010

Fuller Craft Museum

As the atmosphere around this wonderful duck sculpture and the lake beyond appear in the photo, Saturday was a gray and drizzly day for our drive to Brockton, Mass, to visit the Fuller Craft Museum to see the Nancy Crow exhibit discussed yesterday. We both fell in love with the museum and very much so with this duck. The same artist had a wildly collaged statue of a seated woman on display in the gift shop -- we didn't ask it's price.
The museum is a little architectural gem set in a beautifully landscaped area, the lake behind the duck borders one side. The rest of the area is wooded except for the necessary parking lot. Sculptures of many sorts are happily arranged around the museum and in the atrium in the above picture. [I'm sorry there is a reflection,the photo was taken through a window.]

A reader of my blogs commented some days ago that she felt she needs to make occasions to enjoy the culture available to her where she lives. It does require thought an effort which comes easily to me because I am not tied to a 9-5 job. Also Rachel enjoyed many of the things I enjoy. Besides our Saturday trip to the Fuller, on Sunday we went to a nearby cultural center to hear a free cello and piano concert. She actually knew the cellist; it was a beautiful concert and well attended.

Either of us could have said, "Oh, one event is enough," but both were appealing so we went and enjoyed both very much. The picture below is a quote painted on a wall in the Fuller museum. In case it is difficult to read on your computer screen it says, "Actions speak louder than words so shut up and get back to work." Advice not only for craftspeople.

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