Wednesday, March 31, 2010

AQS Lancasater Show

[This is Jeweled Garden, by DEborah Kembell of Quebec, Canada. It won 3rd place in the Wall Quilt Division]

I've just read my mailing from the American Quilters Society which lists the winners at the Lancaster, PA show and has links to pictures of all the winning quilts. Here is the link to their mailing: -- I wish I knew how to do that the short way with just one word but readers can copy this

[This is "Vases" by Susan Marshall of Clayton, MD which won Best Hand Workmanship]

I am amazed at the extreme amount of work -- surely thousands of hours total, maybe hundreds of thousands -- that went into making these quilts. They are enormously complex, some simply boggle the mind of anyone has any idea how long it must have taken these quilters to make their quilts. AQS is known for showing quilts that are what I'd called "contemporary traditional" -- that is, most are not art quilts -- the only well know art quilter who was a winner in this show is Carol Taylor. But the winners are artists in the sense of having wonderful eye for harmony and grace in both design and color choices. I cannot see workmanship in the photos which show the entire quilt but I have no doubt that in all cases the workmanship is superior to superb. I would have loved to have seen that show, these are spectacular and I'm sure many other quilts in the show were also.

If one browses the magazine racks you will discover many articles about quick methods, directions for "quilt in a weekend" and so on. What a dichotomy! Why are all those magazine editors emphasizing quickie work? Haven't they looked at these shows? Don't they realize that some people like a challenge and a long term goal? No, of course not everyone. People have to start somewhere but a little challenge would be a nice thing too.


Deborah Kemball said...

I'm so flattered that you have pictured my quilt, Jewelled Garden, and the nice things you say about it! It did take hours! Probably well over 1000 and what you can't see is that it has over 1000 crystals and seed pearls sewn in to it so it comes alive at night too. I love to make really intricate pieces and you're so right, we're not all interested in making a quilt in a weekend (I used to do that)...I love doing what I'm doing because I love the fact that I could have done it 300 years ago too, just with time, needle and thread. I get most of my inspiration from the old chintzes of the 18th century that went from India to Europe as I just love the designs of that epoch and like to think that I am just continuing the work of those artists from all those years ago. Thank you very much again. Deborah Kemball

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

I do believe all this "quickie work" that we see is meant for people who need "instant gratification" and behold, I may be one of them.